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Re: It's not ZVEX

11/13/2002 4:52 AM
anonymousRe: It's not ZVEX
You've got nothin' either Frosty.  
What EXACTLY is wrong with Anon's posts?  
I hear a lot of bluster from you but zero substance.  
If he's so wrong how come you experts can't state why, clearly.  
I've read so much "I've heard this and I've heard that" voodoo in this thread my mojo is about to bust!  
If you're so sure Anon's wrong, you must have something to back that up - right? Why don't YOU show us some math?  
Walk us all though that little circuit there Frosty.  
Same challenge to you as the skelter guy -  
Show us three little things:  
1. 20% tolerance buggers the bias.  
2. beta fluctuation (within transistor spec) does the same thing. Don't be tryin' to sell us on broken transistors now.  
3. A cold concrete floor impacts anything. Damn, make it a freezing floor, I don't care - set it at 0 degree C  
And a bonus just for you because you brought it up like you know something about it -  
4. what EXACTLY is so unorthodox about the biasing?

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