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Re: Nady Tube Overdrive

11/3/2002 7:13 PM
Boy HowdyRe: Nady Tube Overdrive
If it ain't broke....  
I think I will leave the 470p/470k situation as is for now. I'm not getting any squealing, so....  
I removed the cap on the gain control, leaving only the original 100k in place. This meant considerable darkening of the tone when reducing the gain though, so I put what I had on hand, a .001mf [1000pf]. It's too bright (had a .00047mf [4700pf] in there, believe it or not). I'll pick up a 500pf tomorrow; that should be close to what I want.  
I'm sure I will have to do something to trim back the overall treble. Any suggestions? There's not room enough for another pot. The TO uses mini ganged pots, but I think I would find that a bit involved for my skill level/patience. A moderate non-adjustable rolloff would probably work better for me.  
I have been struggling this morning with mapping out the TO's schematic, and while the circuit boards are significantly different, the circuit itself is apparently pretty similar. I've been using the Nady TD/Westbury "The Tube" schematics as a template. Unfortunately, I find myself at the limits of my abilities, roughly half way through. I'm going to take some pics and send them to someone to try to cypher this thing out. I never was very good with puzzles.

Doug H [QUOTE]I'm sure I will have to do s... -- 11/3/2002 11:08 PM