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Re: Nady Tube Overdrive

11/3/2002 12:16 AM
Boy HowdyRe: Nady Tube Overdrive
Wow, wow, wow! Hey Doug this thing sounds fantastic now. I removed the 470k resistor, and it sounds great. Side by side (preliminary findings, subject to change) the TO sounds a little more upper midrangey, while the TD sounds fatter (BUT NOT MUDDY! YEE HA!); Fender-like vs. Marshall-like - to use a broad brush.  
I'm not sure but I think I may like the TD better than the TO now. It certainly sounds damn fine when cranked (double the gain of the TO). It doesn't seem to lack bottom now. The TO still has more bottom, but I usually have to roll off some of that anyway. The TD sounds much better on the bridge pickup of my Strat.  
Nor does it seem too bright. I think I may need to do something (I don't know what) eventually to trim it back though. I can't imagine that it won't be too bright in some circumstances. I haven't as yet compared the two in the low gain category. Some time ago I added a cap to the gain control of the TD because I was losing so much high end when I cut the distortion level. It was so muddy sounding before that the cap helped a great deal. Now it gets really thin if I go much below 12:00. Cap's gotta go. And so do I. Latter.

Boy Howdy Oh, wait. You said remove the 470p.... -- 11/3/2002 12:23 AM