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Had a bit of a listen today

10/26/2002 4:58 AM
kluson guy
Had a bit of a listen today
The SITS came on the radio today at work and it caught my attention. Aside from the opening riff and the solo the guitar tone isn't all that remarkable. Nice 70's rock, tube amp humbuckers kind of sound. Good rock tone.  
As for the opening riff, it is way hot in the mix and leaves a big impression, but when the vocal comes in it is basically out of there.  
I think that there is a bit of the "When the Levee Breaks" big drum intro phenomena going on here too.  
The drums sound massive on the intro to Levee because they are way up in the mix (plus it's Bonham)and when the rest of Zepplin kicks in the drum volume drops right down, but still you have the feeling that the drums are massive.

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