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Re: SSM2166P and SSM2120P

10/24/2002 1:36 PM
Mark HammerRe: SSM2166P and SSM2120P
I bought the 5 I have from someone in Dallas in 1981 or so for $10. Yep, 5 for $10 is what they were advertising. I fried one of them accidentally, and still have 4. Mike Irwin had originally suggested I sell them on the open market for $40-50 a pop since Prophet 5's need them to stay alive and Prophet 5 owners are fairly loyal to their keyboard. On Sunday, though, he reversed his position suggesting I should hang onto them and wait a few years until the 2040 supply is exhausted when I can pick up a Prophet 5 for $60 from somebody who is tired of waiting to repair it. Hmmmmm......choices, choices.

Mike I. Hi Mark,Main gist of my advice ... -- 10/24/2002 3:36 PM