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Re: parts no longer sound good, and the tranisitors leak

10/20/2002 8:24 PM
Re: parts no longer sound good, and the tranisitors leak
Knowledgable. Except that he can't spell. And, like I said before, the enclosure's not anything like an original Dallas-Arbiter mike-stand-base or those tophat knobs, etc., etc. And, most likely he's not using NKT-275 transistors or carbon comp resistors (not that you can't make a good sounding fuzzface without them!). But you can't go around saying stuff like "exact replica" if you're not really talking about an exact f-ing replica.  
My RangeBlaster's made with RadioShack perfboard, and it's got tone for days, my friend.  
Actually, this auction may wind up giving somebody a decently priced, homemade FF...