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Re: Boss OD3

10/13/2002 11:15 PM
Boy HowdyRe: Boss OD3
Thanks Gino, I'll check it out. A boss Blues Driver was recommended to me as well. I tried it and liked it, but it wasn't what I was looking for. Sounds great, but not enough gain.  
I think I may have found something I CAN use though. This:  
I just got it the other day. I've been very impressed trying it at home. But I used it on a gig Friday and was again very impressed. We did "Gimme Three Steps" by Skynyrd (not our usual fare) and it sounded pretty much just like those lead fills on the record: nice an bright and sustainey ... and big sounding. I love this pedal! The V-Twin will soon be on the market. No more muddy, indistinct, yet thin and small tone. Glory hallelujah!

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