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Re: Multi-Tap Delay and Feedback

10/11/2002 3:51 AM
LeiterRe: Multi-Tap Delay and Feedback
The A/DA Stereo Tapped Delay (STD-1) was the king of this sort of thing for a while. It used the MN3011 BBD chip which had 6 taps at different numbers of delay stages, which could be assigned to different outputs and different recirculation paths.  
Damn! Sorry if I sound like a skipping CD, but that's another application for a programable box with four BBD's run on microprocessor-generated clock signals. You could pick a four-in-series routing for a four-tap delay, or two-series to two-parallel for a two-tap delay followed by a three-phase chorus.

Mark Hammer Get the file from my... -- 10/11/2002 2:50 PM