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Nady Tube Overdrive

10/6/2002 8:20 PM
Boy HowdyNady Tube Overdrive
I just bought (ebay) a Nady TO-2 Tube Overdrive pedal. Anyone ever heard one of these? I have a Nady TD-1 Tube Distortion and the two appear to be identical inside and out, except that the the TD-1 has two pots for gain and volume, and the TO-2 has two stacked pots that add bass and treble controls. I wonder if it is sonically identical or if it has reduced gain as per its 'overdrive' designation? Does anyone know? Guess I will soon enough.  
Hopefully with this new pedal I won't have to use an eq after, as I do with the TD-1. The TD-1 has no tone controls, and sounds very midrangey overall, but not in a bad way. Sounds a lot better than my V-twin, at least as far as the quality of the distortion. But it needs some treble attenuation and some bass boost.  
The TD-1, and presumably the TO-2 as well, were made by Guyatron in the eighties, and sound very similar to the Guyatron currently on the market, judging from the sound clip I heard. If you can find these they come cheap; I've only got a hundred bucks in the both of 'em.

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