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Re: Wimpy sounding fuzzes

10/6/2002 5:33 PM
kluson guy
Re: Wimpy sounding fuzzes
These are all good questions you are asking. You can do some fine reading on the topic at  
Opinions are just opinions, in the end your ears will be the final judge. Tone is a product of many factors. You create the tonal recipe. It is easy to generalize types of distortion but sometimes specific tones require specific equipment.  
Blackmore used an AIWA reel to reel tape recorder as a preamp to his hotrodded Marshalls. Now he uses ENGL's. If you want that tone, get that stuff and play it loud. Hopefully, your hands have the finess and touch to produce the most fundamental part of the tone. If Blackmore could plug in to a pedal and find his dream tone I am sure he would. I think you are asking "why can't my Ford drive and feel like a Lamborgini" They are both cars "but they ain't both the same"!  
Simply put, all the pedals you are unsatisfied with are producing "Preamp" distortion and you are looking for "Poweramp" distortion. Basically, tubes pushed hard at volume. Keep that in mind when you are doing your research.