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Re: Wimpy sounding fuzzes

10/6/2002 4:59 PM
Boy HowdyRe: Wimpy sounding fuzzes
No, KG. What I'm trying to do is to engage some of you to explain to me why transistor fuzzes sound the way they do, and how they could be made to sound better. And if I'm in the wrong place for that then forgive the heck out of me.  
Yes, I am in the market for a new dist. pedal, and I will probably buy it. I've never built a fuzz before, partly because I've never heard one that could do what I want it to do. I have a half dozen fuzzes and they are fun to play with ... at home. I have modded some of my fuzzes, and worked on my own amps, so I understand a little bit about the technical end of it, but not enough to design my own.  
I would be very interested to hear opinions of the Matchless Hotbox. I may be interested in building that at some point. Can it do high gain?  
How about an entire amp (minus the speaker) in a "pedal" (of sorts), or rack mounted for that matter? I have seen the idea batted about at another site. Could it work? Would the power amp really make a difference? I have heard that single tube power amps don't have a particularly pleasing distortion. That would appear to be the case with my Kalamazoo. It does mild distortion well, but nothing more than that. What about a high gain pre with a single tube power amp as a preamp to a clean amp. Could that deliver the goods? Has anybody done this? Does it sound good?  
Hmm, maybe this topic should go elsewhere.

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