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Re: Wimpy sounding fuzzes

10/5/2002 2:19 PM
Boy HowdyRe: Wimpy sounding fuzzes
"Gee... a fuzz that sounds like a 200 Watt Marshall Major dimed? I'm not sure that flavor comes in a stompbox!"  
So am I asking too much? I say thee nay! A big fat stinkin' ... nay!!! Why can't someone build a stompbox that has a big sound like a 200 watt Marshall Major? I'm not an electronics guy. I don't know the answer, but I would like to hear an explanation of the why nots, or better yet some conjecture as to how one might design a pedal that can sound like that.  
Along those lines, what you mention Kluson Guy, about eq I have found to be helpful. And in listening to samples at Tonefrenzy one of the best sounding fuzzes (at least as far as bigness) was the Electro Harmonix Graphic Fuzz with the built-in eq. Why don't more people put eqs in their fuzzes?  
As you also mentioned KG, I have had better luck with tube fuzzes. I would like to try out some of these more boutique or higher quality jobbies. I know the Dean Markley Overlord is is no good. I have a V-twin which I also don't like. I have another tube fuzz that sounds okay, but just okay (needs some eq-ing).  
The high end on tube fuzzes, at least, tends to be richer sounding. I think it is possible to get there, to get a good sound in a pedal. I have an ART SGX 2000 (no pedal, but no power amp distortion either) that I use its compressor to overdrive its internal tube and I can get an excellent very realistic amp tone out of (good only for high gain tones though). The secret is a lot of eq tweaking. The SGX is too much trouble to use in a live setting though.  
I want to check out the Tonebones. I'm reading lots of good things about them. I see that they are taking much greater pains with the eq on their pedals.  
So can anyone explain to me a little about solid state distortion? I am particularly interested as to why the distortion (fuzzyness) seems only to occur in the upper end of the sonic spectrum. Whereas, tube distortion appears lower in the frequency range to my ears. I'm just starting to listen really critically (after 30 years playing ... s'bout time) so I may be wrong.