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Re: Wimpy sounding fuzzes

10/5/2002 7:09 AM
kluson guy
Re: Wimpy sounding fuzzes
Gee... a fuzz that sounds like a 200 Watt Marshall Major dimed? I'm not sure that flavor comes in a stompbox!  
On a constructive note, it sounds like you could benefit from an EQ pedal along with a distortion. This will help you shape the frequencies to taste.  
Some ideas:  
Tube amp (small)would be good, if not maybe a Tubeworks Real tube, Ibanez TK999, Chandler Tube Driver type unit. In the solid state arena, the Rat is rock approved. All the above would be comprimised by a solid state amp. It would be hard to do Blackmore with a solid state amp, period.  
I have been toying with a POD for recording. My conclusions so far are that it's kind of like fake tits. They look(sound) good in the pictures(tracks)  
but are weird to play with. (Feels weird) There are some good rockin' high gain tones in the POD. I don't know if it's good for live stuff.  

Boy Howdy "Gee... a fuzz that sounds like a 2... -- 10/5/2002 2:19 PM