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Wimpy sounding fuzzes

10/5/2002 12:31 AM
Boy HowdyWimpy sounding fuzzes
I have never been able to use a distortion box of any kind as my sole source of distortion. I either have to have some amp dist., or generally I use a clean boost in front of a dimed amp, or a master volume.  
My current amp has no master. And my current gig allows for very little volume. An attenuator is not an option either. My amp sounds awesome clean, but I need distortion too. I am looking for some floor unit that can give me good distortion, so I have been listening to a lot of samples and auditioning what pedals I can get my hands on.  
They all sound alike. Sure there are minor differences, but they all sound wimpy to me. the reason they sound wimpy to me is that the all seem to have a very limited frequency range, and all the action seems to occur in the upper mids area and treble. They all sound fizzy to me. Is there no way to lower the point where the distortion occurs, to get something happening in the low mids?  
If you have Grockster or whatever search for 'Black Night - Deep_Purple'. It's a live version of this song from I think 1969. Blackmore has the most awesome tone on planet Earth on this song. Listen to it, then compare it to your favorite online sample (Musicians Friend has a lot of samples) or your own fuzzes. How do I get that tone out of a pedal? I'm desperate.

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