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Re: Anybody have a voodoo labs analog chorus?

9/26/2002 1:32 PM
Mark HammerRe: Anybody have a voodoo labs analog chorus?
It's not uncommon for such "flying" components to be installed on commercial products. One would think that if it's on a PC board then the design must have been finalized and anything not mounted on the component side must be a mod, right? No. My E-H Y-Triggered filter has several components attached to the solder side, and as far as I know it was untampered with since production (the guy I bought it from in 1986 wouldn't have known how to do it).  
So why does this happen? Simple, it takes time and effort to work out a PC-layout, even more 15 years ago. Once the layout is complete and you send out for a run of boards to a contractor, what do you do when the 5000 boards come back *after* you've discovered a glitch in the design or thought of a way to improve current consumption or eliminate twitchy settings or reduce distortion? *Sometimes* the last minute discoveries can be implemented by a mere component value change, but other times there is no room on the component side for what needs to be done. Rather than scrap the boards and chop the profit margin (which may not be all that high in the first place) or risk distributing an inferior product and jeopardizing the reputation of the whole product line, you add some flying parts.

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