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Re: Anybody have a voodoo labs analog chorus?

9/24/2002 10:33 PM
Re: Anybody have a voodoo labs analog chorus?
I had one. I sold it a while back. Can't help out here, as I never took it apart enough to see the solder side of the board. Does it always sound like a flanger, no matter how you adjust the knobs? That thing does have quite a range of sound. Now I'm sorry I never reverse engineered it before I sold it.  
I'm tempted to say that it's NOT stock, as it looked like Voodoo Labs had everything well worked out when they printed the boards. I'm doubting that it came from the factory that way, but I may be wrong.

James Thats my guess to. It seems like th... -- 9/24/2002 10:38 PM