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Re: DIY Spring reverb. This is OK!! Build Report

9/24/2002 8:21 AM
kluson guy
Re: DIY Spring reverb. This is OK!! Build Report
I tried rigging this up tonight, had some success and some failure too.  
I bought two slinkys, one which was the Slinky Jr.. It is a smaller version and streched out nicely to about 6Ft. I had a couple of beater computer speakers like "Jockes" which checked out fine to start.  
I modified the "mic" speaker cone and epoxyed(5 Min) the bolt on. The Mic was working fine up until I applied the Epoxy, somehow the two leads to the speaker grounded each other out and the "Mic" was NFG. (Is Epoxy a conductor???) Bummer, oh well...  
Moving on, the "amp", I added a plastic plate with the bolt and epoxyed it up fairly thick. All went well. I let it all dry for a couple hours.  
I set the whole deal up using a mic stand and quickly discovered the "mic" wasn't happening. I switched to a Radio Shack "Door Buzzer" PZM element and clipped it on with an alligator clip. The sound was spring reverb alright!, just kind of muddy and prone to nasty resonance on certain frequencies.  
I used both guitar & keys as my sources, different volumes, with and without pedals.  
I messed with gain levels on the input source as well as the "amp" (Comp Spkr monitor) still sonically quite muddy and hyper resonant in spots. I realized that the "amp" itself was the problem, after all, it was just a shitty Computer speaker newly stuffed with foam and slathered in Epoxy.. It had some nasty buzzes and the same offending resonances. Dang, not even close to Jockes fine sound samples!  
I ended the session removing the "amp" from the set up and checking out the sound quality of just the Slinky and PZM combo. They sound nice and clear with deep reverb, very good with a high impedance preamp, SHO in this case. Unfortunatly I had no way to drive it.  
So whats the next step? can anyone suggest a better driver?  
Hey Mark, you don't even need to heat up the iron for this one!

Kluson Guy Quick correction -- 9/24/2002 5:44 PM