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Compressor Questions

9/23/2002 5:40 PM
Head ShotCompressor Questions
Hey everyone,  
I'm interested in purchasing a compressor pedal. I have been playing for 15 years, and have never owned one before. I have a very nice setup right now, but I think a comp pedal could improve it. What I need is something for Gilmour-ish tones. I'm playing with a Floyd tribute band, and need a compressor that will suit that style. I know Gilmour uses a Boss, and an MXR.  
What are the differences between the MXR Dyna-Comp, MXR Limiter (are these any good, no one talks about 'em?), the Ibanez CP-9, the Analog Man Bi-Comp, and the Keeley?  
Any help would be appreciated, since I know nothing about theese pedals, and what makes them tick.

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