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previous: Mark Hammer Re: DIY Spring reverb. This is so cool!! -- 9/23/2002 4:19 AM View Thread

Well...How did it sound?

9/23/2002 7:03 AM
kluson guyWell...How did it sound?
Thanks for the tips Mark.  
How did yours sound?  
Did you listen to the mp3's at Jockes? (Damn, what a manly name!)I was really impressed.  
I like experimental effects, it sounded to me like some great sonic stuff was going on in the slinky coils.  
Slinky 'verb, even the name sounds cool!  
Pardon my enthusiasm, I never had a Slinky as a kid.

Mark Hammer Shameful confession...never plugged... -- 9/23/2002 9:30 PM