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Re: Need Suggetions on new Amp

3/26/2004 4:00 AM
MaccabeeRe: Need Suggetions on new Amp
"Someone advised me that the 5e3 was a better choice for a first build. I was considering the AX84 High Octane, and the 18 watter. He told me that the since the HO gnerated more gain, it would be more prone to noise and therefore harder to debug. I would assume the same is true of the 18 watter, but I am not certain. I can tell you that building the 5e3 proved to be a very reasonable first build, and quite satisfying."  
Thanks Man. I appreciate it. I don't know about the Lite II version of the 18 Watt having more gain than the 5E3 though. The 5E3 has enough gain to satisfy just about everyone besides a metal head. :D  
I love both the Drive of the 5E3 and the Plexi. They just sound different.  
CR ><>

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