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I tried this tweak

3/7/2004 6:37 AM
Clint B
I tried this tweak
Hi again,  
I tried the 220k to 470k resistor with a 500pF to 2200pF paralleled off the volume controls to lug 2 of the 12AX7. I used a 1000pF cap and a 470k resistor... I like the amp much better now. I can now actually USE the tone controls on the amp and the guitar instead of just turning them all the way up and leaving them there.  
Now, about tweaking the values of the cap and resistor... My guess is: Bigger value of cap lets the treble and more of the mids through and a bigger value resistor cuts more of the bass. Did I get this right?  
Thanks for this tweak, it's new to me.  
I had already lowered the values of the cathode caps and the coupling caps.  

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