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Re: 5E3 Tone Tweak

12/20/2003 8:03 PM
Re: 5E3 Tone Tweak
Jimmie with a Matchless club , strat with texas specials, and the song is "In The Middle Of The Night" you can get video and audio  
That tone. It is class a amp tone that sings whith harmonics.  
I have a 65 baseman head with a 5e3 preamp 1st channel and 5e3 2-6v6 power amp. On the second channel I added a 5e4 "tweed super,twin, bandmaster type" preamp. The tweed super preamp has more of that tone.  
I have tried several tube combinations with 12au7s in the tweed super preamp being the best. And 12ay7/12ax7 in the 5e3 beiang the best.  
I have started trying to tweak the caps etc., but this also affects the way the preamp tubes work. So each cap/resister tweak is combinded with several hours of tube trials.  
I am hoping some one could help me in the right direction to tweak next.

Todd Not to sound discouraging, but I wo... -- 12/24/2003 6:06 PM