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Re: Death cap

12/7/2003 7:49 PM
bnwittRe: Death cap
if the cap goes bad and you are plugged into an improperly grounded outlet, there is the potential of having line voltage on the chassis. With a properly grounded chassis and outlet, this would simply cause excessive current to ground through the short and trip the fuse or breaker unless of course someone has used the old copper pipe in the fuse holder trick or another fuse defeating method at the club. Without a proper ground path, the voltage will just sit there and wait for one (ground path) which could be you from the chassis to your guitar, threw your fingers and out your lips on a grounded mic and stand. As Bruce says, a good poly cap can last for a long time but the way you will find out it's gone bad is a bad way.

Gary OK, I see that, but what should peo... -- 12/8/2003 1:28 AM