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Re: Death cap

12/6/2003 11:26 PM
bnwittRe: Death cap
your last "if" is why most people advise against leaving it in. If you plug into an improperly grounded outlet that is where the potential hazard lies. Every player should carry one of the little plug in outlet testers which show that the outlet is properly wired and grounded and check the outlet they are plugging into before plugging in.  
If there are any electricians in here, I apologize in advance for this next remark, but some installers are lazy when it comes to wiring outlets. They'll use the stab in connectors instead of the screws and not go to the trouble to wire the ground wire to the screw of the outlet. You can blow and go that way when wiring a building but it leaves the outlet unprotected. Also I am sure there are quite a few outlets wired that way by end users cause it's fast and "We don't need no stinkin' ground". All I know is that using my little tester, I have found many miswired outlets in the world. Here's a little link to a thread (then click on re: almost electocuted)regarding a lesson on this.

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