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Re: Preamp tube experiences

12/4/2003 11:40 PM
Re: Preamp tube experiences
you may have to go to another forum to get that kind of feedback if indeed it exists. Just about all of the working players I know couldn't give you too much feedback on preamp tube types and tone but their techs and amp repairmen can. Some players have a brand of power tubes they prefer, but, I have never had a club player tell me exactly what brand or type of preamp tube they wanted. I haven't played in a paying gig since the 70's, but I can tell you that the stock setup on a 5E3 sounds good to me. I am about to try a 12DW7 in the V2 position of my next 5E3 along with a PI mod and some 15k resistors on the PI's plate and cathode as suggested somewhere else on the net along with my 6L6 conversion effort. In case you are not familiar with this tube it is a dual triode with one side a mu of 100 and the other side a mu of 22. So it's a 12AX7 and a 12AU7 in one envelope. Using the lower mu on the cathode follower PI with the two 15k resistors in place of the 56k stock resistors is supposed to clean up the tone considerably.