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Re: Variac

11/14/2003 4:53 AM
bnwittRe: Variac
here is a little verbage regarding the use of a Variac:  
VARIAC - Sure, Eddie Van Halen made use of a variac to get his tone. A variac is a VARiable AC supply. Running an amp at a higher voltage than it is designed is a sure way to ruin the amp. Likewise running at a lower voltage can cause serious problems due to the heaters in the tubes running too cold, which can lead to cathode stripping, which leads to shorter tube life, which can sometimes cause other problems. The best way to use a variac is NOT to use one. A variac is to only be used for repair and building purposes as a piece of bench test equipment. EVEN if you use a variac to regulate your line voltage, which is a good thing seeing how line voltage can vary from place to place AND most vintage amps were designed to run at a slightly lower voltage (110VAC) versus what most line voltage is now (120VAC), having one on stage is just asking for your drummer, or anyone else nosing around on the stage to play with it and see what kind of fun they can have.