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Re: What's so special about the 5E3

11/13/2003 5:29 PM
Re: What's so special about the 5E3
Here's a little Tweed Deluxe story:  
I met a player who has had every amp known to man. He has been searching for tone for many years. Everything from a Kustom 200 CCR amp, Bassman heads, Vox AC30(original,)a Carvin, and who knows what else. When I told him I was building vintage Fender and Marshall amps he of course wanted to try them. I gave him a 5E3 and a 5F6-A to try. He loved them both and bought them both. That was 3 months ago and yesterday I got an email from him. He is playing in a country/rock band and he did a gig with his 5E3 and in his words, "Just my Gretsch and the amp. No pedals, no effects, nothing but pure tone. Awesome!" Now if that's not an impressive testimonial for Leo's little tweed machine, I don't know what is.  

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