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Tweaking has begun

9/24/2003 4:42 PM
Clint B
Tweaking has begun
Hi all,  
I have begun tweaking my Tweady.  
I plan to only do one tweak at a time to be able to know what each tweak changes. My first and only tweak so far has been to change the 6v6's cathode bias cap from the 22uf to 4.7 uf. I'm pleased with this tweak. Results: The low e string farts much less than it did on the bottom few frets. This is the main reason for my tweaking. Another effect has been a better balance between the volume of the high e string and the b string. Before this mod the e string was noticeably lower volume than the b string. I at first thought the difference was in the guitar but other amps did not have this problem with this guitar.  
Results... It's a keeper. It tamed the wild farting bass AND balanced the top two strings volume. The amp doesn't overdrive as easily. Cost: A dollar or so. That's much cheaper than a new speaker.  
While in the amp I found and fixed another problem. The problem was a sharp humm that didn't respond to chopstickery. I finally traced it to an input jack which was not closing to ground with the plug out. A little careful bending and the problem is solved. Cost: $0  

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