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5E3 "Tweaker's kit"

9/10/2003 8:00 PM
Clint B
5E3 "Tweaker's kit"
I hope the forum can help me on this one...  
Now that I have my Mission Tweady Deluxe kit up and running for a while I want to tweak the sound a little. Tweaking requires extra parts which I don't have now. I want to get together a "Tweaker's Kit". I want suggestions about what to get for the kit.  
What extra capacitors would you recommend and how many?  
What extra resistors and how many would you recommend?  
I want this to be a general purpose tweak and tune up kit. I don't want to include speakers or transformers because that's way more than a tweak.  
I'm thinking a couple of feet of shielded wire and enough extra capacitors and resistors to try a few different sounds out.  

Al Lang Re: 5E3 "Tweaker's kit" -- 9/10/2003 9:16 PM