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Re: 2x10

9/1/2003 9:57 PM
Rockin' DaddyRe: 2x10
I used 2 WeberVST 12A125s (P10Q) and 1 '66 Jensen C10P. I've been using an Allen Upgrade Vibrolux OT but I'm not getting the low end crunch that I like. I've got a Mercury 2.6 ohm Tweed Bandmaster OT on the way.  
If you want more head room check out the Paul C mod, there's a link on the amps board at Weber.  
You might also try smaller coupling and/or bypass caps. That will lower the bass response and seems to free up more power for other things.  
With an efficient speaker like a Weber the 5E3 circuit has pretty good head room but the whole voodoo thing about the amp is that wonderful crunch and grind.  
With a single 12 it's a great amp for dirty Blues in small clubs. It's my personal favorite. Now if I could just get bands to play at a resonable volume!

Curly I'll hold out for Bruce's 2x10 Supe... -- 9/2/2003 2:50 AM