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Re: Resisters in 5E3

8/21/2003 3:06 AM
Barry Witt
Re: Resisters in 5E3
Who the heck is gonna see the resistors in the chassis of your amp? Are you going to play the thing or display it in pieces. If you already have the resistors Bruce supplied use them and don't waste your money. Film resistors are not more accurate as 5% tolerance is 5% tolerance. They are quieter, not prone to flaming and drift less in value over time. The only reason to use carbon composition is if you are hoping the value drift over time will magically through sheer luck turn you amp into that one out of 400 Deluxes that pleases Neil Young. Put in Bruce's R's and later when you learn more about the circuit you might try subsituting values of slight variation in the circuit to do the Neil Young Voodoo thang.

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