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How best to keep tubes tight???

6/22/2003 4:50 AM
kluson guyHow best to keep tubes tight???
Hi All. I recently had my OT replaced. I always suspected it wasn't putting out full power, sure enough the tech said it was good for 2 Watts! So now my little '59 positively roars!  
With this new found power I have now discovered a new problem. When I crank her up fairly high I am getting a backgroung crackle sound on the peak transients. The crackle is about a quarter as loud as the amplified guitar signal and subsides quickly when the peak has passed.  
When I removed the amp from the cabinet and the problem disappears. I'm thinking the rectifier and output tubes are the culprits, they have a fair bit of play. How do I get things tighter??? New sockets?  
I tried retensioning the sockets which didn't seem too loose to begin with. Still there is a noticable play...  
Any help appreciated.