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Re: Cabinet wood; thickness? Type?

6/19/2003 8:49 AM
Re: Cabinet wood; thickness? Type?
Bernie, I built my cabinet in Kalgoorlie!! I got the pine from Bunnings, 3/4 inch thick, select some good straight pieces with minimal knots. I actually had a cabinet maker do the dovetail joints (cost me 30 bucks!) I also bought 5 ply (again from Bunnings).....and the end result??? nothing short of marvelous, the cabinet is very resonant and sounds great. Apparently pine is the wood of choice, Fender used it back in the fifties cos it was economical, so if you use it it will add to the overall tone (and mojo) of the amp. PS I also used an Aussie made speaker, a Lorantz, they are made in Melbourne.  

Bernie Hey Rob,thanks! You're talking ... -- 6/19/2003 8:55 AM