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previous: Mark Abbott Re: Variations on the 5E3 theme? -- 7/24/2002 12:09 PM View Thread

others ?!

7/24/2002 8:44 PM
Chris Winsemius ( CMW amps )
others ?!
Hi Mark ,  
I did use a 22u/>50Volts cap accross the 270/10Watt cathode-resistor .  
Everybody's got their own taste & ears ( thank God ! ) , the stock circuit is pretty farty/not very clean when used with HB equipped guitars .  
To my ears the stock design is pretty ok but I did tweak it till customers , friends , my girlfriend and I did really like it ( in a few words : smaller bypass- and coupling-caps , kinda ).  
I hope others will post their tweaking-experiences too ( or great results with stock circuits ) .  
The best advice I can give you is : build the amp , try , tweak , try , tweak , try , tweak . :)  
Have fun !  

Mark Abbott Much thanks -- 7/25/2002 12:12 PM