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Re: 5E3 Volume Taper?

5/27/2002 4:14 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps
Re: 5E3 Volume Taper?
The volume controls on the tweed Deluxe are wired kind of backwards from other amps. They are VERY sensitive to rotation.  
Most amps have their volume control's pot wipers connected to the grid of the next stage(s).  
That acts like a variable grid load for the next stage. With the volume control set very low, it also sends the output of the first stage to ground while killing the "possible" output of the next stage by have an extremely low gird load resistance, and, the signal still has to go through a huge resistance to get the follwing stage. I'm sure that gives the whole thing more control the a Deluxe has but there isn't an easy way to end up with just one tone control if you do it this way... see the brown face 6G3 Deluxe..  
The tweed Deluxe has it's volume control's "wipers" connected to the output of the first stages and the following stage is running FLAT OUT by having it's grid load connected to the top of the top of the pots. That's 1M in parallel with the other 1M pot, or 500K total.  
Also, I think the audio tapers of modern pots are different then pots from the late 50's so it's even worse.  
Try soldering a 470k resistor from the wiper to the grounded lug on each pot to slow the response a little bit.  

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