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Re: 5E3 low end

3/11/2002 2:02 AM
Bruce /Mission Amps
Re: 5E3 low end
That's because, with a true tweed single tone control, you can never really turn the bass up or down!  
All you can do is add more treble across the volume pot with the tone control way up for more brightness-treble and upper midrange, or, roll some of the treble to ground with the tone pot set very low, when you want some of the treble off and are looking for a muddier tone.  
Although not the same values, my Soulkicker amps are set up more like what you are doing.  
The original P12Q has a very nice bottom end and I like the WeberVST P12B quite a bit.  
A bone stock reissue Jensen C12N sounds pretty darn good too.  
A well broken in (forced or not) reissue Jensen C12Q sounds good and with shipping, cost less then $50.00 just about every where nowadays.