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Re: Biography week on TV/ Jimi Hendrix last night

2/25/2001 12:31 AM
anonymousRe: Biography week on TV/ Jimi Hendrix last night
I wish Jimi was still around too. Been trying to grok some of his stuff this very week. But, mistakes aside, Jimi was loaded with drugs when he died. Life is full of moral choices. You make your choices and you take the consequences whether you like it or not. Truth is, had Jimi not been doing all those drugs, he probably wouldn't have died. And one of the best reasons not to do illegal drugs is unpredictable stuff happens. Like sometimes you die.  
I was watching the movie Woodstock the other night. I had forgotten that several people died from drug overdoses there during the festival. That always seems to get left out of all the claptrap about peace and love. I don't know what's so peaceful and loving about death.  
I'm not trying to be judgmental. I did a lot of the same stuff Jimi did. But he did what he did and we are all the less for it. That's not the fault of anybody but Jimi.  
Steve Slick