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Re: "SQ tube" ?

2/20/2001 8:32 PM
Re: "SQ tube" ?
Well, I'm befuddled! Is the tube description so seriously muddled from German that it's nonsense or is the description the excrement of an advertising moron? And I quote:  
"A stronger "underheating" makes the tube susceptible to toxications, while "overheating" causes an evaporation of the active layer. This might cause gridemission and produces intermediate-layers on the surface of the Cathode SQ-Tubes are equipped with special "High Durability Cathodes".  
Of course, not only the Cathode of a tube, but all other electrodes must be protected against inadmissible temperatures (transgression of  
the Anode load, insufficient heat discharge), to avoid grid emission , Gas eruption etc. In this respect, the maximum admissible Body temperature, as specified for special tubes by the manufacturer, is to be taken into account.  
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3. Interlayer-free Special Cathode When tubes are operated, in heated condition, without Cathode current (Pulse-Mode), an Interlayerresistor arises within the Cathode, due to depletion of active layer.  
This Interlayer-Resistor, acts like an unshorted Cathode-Resistor and generates, particularly at low frequencies, an undesirable negative feedback, which is interfering especially in tubes with a high mutual conductance.  
Huh? I've never "toxicated" a cathode in my life - in face, I'm not sure creating a verb out of "toxic" in this manner is grammatical. Then there are those "transgressing" anode loads - perhaps they need "shock" boot camp. "Gas erruptions" - frijoles, of course!! Then there is this "interlayerresistor" - are we still talking about tubes, or even electronics? My best guess is poorly translated marketing fluff which has resulted in bullshit to the third power :) - got a term for this?  

mod My best guess is poorly translated ... -- 2/20/2001 8:47 PM
Ray Ivers GW,I think what they're try... -- 2/20/2001 9:21 PM