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previous: Liam I had a couple of shocks connecting... -- 2/20/2001 3:09 PM View Thread

Re: Shock!?

2/20/2001 7:10 PM
Re: Shock!?
OOh, I hate it when I do that.  
I've heard that it is as little as 11 mA across the heart, but long before the heart croaks, there is going to be burn damage in the rest of the body. My friend got it from a 211 plate voltage, circa 1150 V, he said it made a hole.  
It's the one time I'm grateful for dry skin.  
Anyone else think AC at 120 v is worse than 400 dc?  
I hate the loud noise of an accidental discharge almost as much as a shock.  

anonymous I got hit 240 VDC the first and 440... -- 2/20/2001 9:59 PM