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Re: Any info on AIMS Amps?

1/6/2001 12:47 AM
Re: Any info on AIMS Amps?
I worked on an AIMS this summer that had two 12inch speakers, about like a Fender Twin I would guess they were trying to compete with, I remember it did not have a model number, it was labeled something like *Personalized Guitar Sound System* :)  
The owner only paid $120 for it and it was real clean and worked good when he got it last year. I'm glad it was a simple repair since no schematic was found, plus it would be hard to modify, especially since the preamp tubes are inside the chassis on a PC board without even any holes punched in the chassis.  
Anyway, Steve, good to see your message, what kind of FATBOY are you from? Is that the name of a music store?  
Best Regards,  

Brad That's the same combo I saw for $17... -- 1/6/2001 10:41 AM
Steve from FATBOY Sorry, the reference is the name of... -- 1/8/2001 1:01 PM