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Re: So WHO?

1/2/2001 4:12 AM
Re: So WHO?
There are so many good folks here, I'm afraid to try to make a list lest I forget anyone!  
Here (in no particular order) are just a couple of folks I'd trust anytime with any amp.. consider this a tiny subset of my Big list. :)  
Randall Aiken (Aiken Amps), Rick Erickson (Erickson Audio), Bruce (Mission Amps), RG Keene, Peter S (Kimerick Amps), Mike Kach (M&G), Trace Allen (Voodoo Amps).. this could turn into an Oscar speech if you know what I mean! :) There are literally dozens of other good Ampagers who are as talented with an amp, some I know well and some I don't.. but everyone is here to offer helpful advice and their own unique perspectives on their own nickel which should speak volumes about the kind of folks that frequent Ampage..

Rick Erickson [QUOTE]There are so many good folks... -- 1/3/2001 12:59 AM