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12/10/2000 8:29 AM
Hi John,  
After installing PM you have many options to create resize and move partitions around. There are "wizards" that walk you through installing another operating system. What happens is that PM will create a new "primary" partition for you and format it. Then it will set that partition active and hide your current "primary" windows partition.  
So you reboot and install your OS like you would normally. I usually re-install PM on the newly created primary partition once windows is installed. Then I set my old OS active again and install BootMagic. Bootmagic needs to be installed on the first primary partition of the first drive. Then from there you can select which OS to run.  
There's a catch though. You can't install windows onto a secondary drive....,but you can run from it, it has to be installed onto your first "primary" drive.  
So here's what you do:  
Resize your first primary partition and create a new primary partition after that one using the PM wizard or do it yourself. Format the new partition and set it active, this should also set your current win95/98 to hidden, if not you should do it yourself. Reboot and install Windows then PM onto the new partition.  
Run PM and get back to your original windows partition by setting it active. Once your back to your old partition, use PM to move your new partition to your second drive. Install Boot magic and you should be on your way with a dual boot system.  
Assume the worse, that you may screw up the Master Boot Record, if that happens you kiss your data good-bye, so I hope you have everything you need backed-up!  
I may have left out/added steps etc. and could be totally wrong so all fault will be on you if things go bad...... :(  
I think Steve just did this procedure, so he can correct me if I'm wrong.  
It's also good to have a common Logical drive that you can swap data back and forth between OS's  
Good Luck,  

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