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Fender Super Twin Reverb repair advice needed

12/7/2000 10:31 PM
MorganFender Super Twin Reverb repair advice needed
Ok i am trying to fix my reverb on my Super Twin Reverbthe 180 watt monster)  
here is the schematic  
I know the problem.  
someone wired the reverb tank output jack straight to the middle Reverb pot lug.  
There is a wire hooked to pin 7 of the 6C10 and it looks like they cut it straight off with wire snippers.  
So pin 7 is not connected  
I cannot locate the 220K resistor and the .0022uf cap. between the reverb out and ground.  
The 1500 res. and 25uf cap are connceted correctly.  
the 100K res. and .005uf cap are connected correctly also.  
But the wire from the output of the reverb is directly wired to the middle lug of the reverb pot. Or the little arrow on the schematic. So it is basically bypassing the pot.  
But i still can't locate the resistor and cap.  
The reverb is barely noticable when the amp is on the the pot maxed so something is wrong.  
Can anyone help me?  
Should i go ahead and wire it up as shown?

dpcoyle try adding the 220k res to ground,... -- 12/8/2000 8:43 PM
Rick Erickson Morgan, The 220K & .0022uF cap ... -- 12/9/2000 9:05 PM