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Thanks for the advice!

12/3/2000 7:42 PM
Steve A.
Thanks for the advice!
    I think I finally figured out a workable game plan thanks to all of the tips here!  
Corrections: Win9x(which includes WinME) has a boot disk restriction of ~8GB; older versions of DOS have the 2GB restriction I mentioned. That's good news because I really couldn't fit two Windows installations inside 2G and leave room for temporary files...  
Current disk lineup:  
C: (8GB) currently has just Win98SE. I will split the partition in half and make the second active partition either WinME or another instance of Win98SE. (Do I have to buy TWO copies of Win98SE, Bill?   ;)   )  
D: (4GB) 1st partition on second drive is dedicated entirely for Win temporary and swap files. Although some programs insist on creating their own temporary files under the Window directory...   :(    
E: (8GB) 2nd partition on first drive will be dedicated to applications along with drivers or utilities that will be used for both boot partitions.  
F: (13GB) 3rd partition on first drive will be dedicated to data files (mainly WAV files)  
G: (8GB) 2nd partition on second drive might be used as temporary backup for data files from F. It would be handy for packaging up the files in 650MB blocks for archiving on CD-ROM's...  
H: (8GB) Linux, anyone?  
    Deciding which files to install on C... I figure that if a utility program insists on installing itself on the C: drive, who am I to argue with it? The programs that configure hardware, etc., are generally static so I will leave them on C: if that is where they want to go...  
Conventions: I have always abbreviated the Windows directory name to Win or Win9x to keep the full pathnames easier to type out. But some programs are coded to look for the "Windows" directory so I will leave it at that. (Back in the days of DOS there was a limit to the number of characters you could include on a command line so long pathnames would cramp my style...)  
CD-ROM letters: I wanted to move my CD-ROM's up to J & K just in case I had to add another drive later, but when I did that Windows would keep looking for the I: drive that it was installed from, making it a real headache to do almost any tweaking around... In some dialog boxes you are not given the opportunity to Browse for the files that Windows is looking for, but can only select what is already in the drop-down box.   :(   (I believe that I could use COA32 from ZDNet to change the registry entries for I:xxx to J:xxx if I really had to add another drive...)  
Observations on Win98SE vs WinME: After installing both of these on blank drives several times already, I have to say that WinME does a better job of finding the appropriate drivers for your hardware. But when I tried installing the drivers for my Blaster RIVA TNT video card, the screen went crazy (the monitor is almost 10 years old and it does not support the higher frequencies used these days). Those drivers installed perfectly with Win98SE, although I took the precaution of identifying the monitor as generic SVGA first (rather than Viewsonic 4-6E).  
    With WinME I didn't bother to create a System Restore point before running the Blaster install program so when I had everything thoroughly screwed up I decided to use System Restore to return the computer to the state it was in right after running the Windows Install program. But it was weird how it left some files on the hard drive while erasing others... (I guess it tries not to erase any data files you might have created.) In any case, the WinME System Restore feature is not quite as powerful as the Adaptec standalone program so if you are going to use it, be sure to create a restore point immediately before you install a program or driver you might want to remove later... and if you want to remove it, do it right away! I did not actually check this, but I believe that it removes those files in the System directory and the entries in the registry that would be left behind if you were to uninstall the program through Control Panel.  
    ... Well, I got to get back to my music computer and install the second boot partition... Win98SE or WinME??? The big headache with reinstalling Win98SE was digging up all of the drivers for my hardware on floppies and cd-roms, and then checking for newer versions on the Web. But since I've already done that it should be a breeze to install it again on the second partition...  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. For my main computer (the one I am typing at right now) the idea of doing a dual boot with Win2K is very tempting... Any suggestions for adding Win2K to my already bloated WinME setup that was installed over Win98SE? I can move sh*t around to make room for it on my single 30GB drive, but I'd need to know how much room I need for W2K and where that space needs to be... Thanks! (BTW, W2K should be able to run any native 32 bit Windows program- right? Or do you usually need to download special updates? I'm thinking of using it for browsing the web, CAD drawings, Word docs, Adobe Acrobat conversions... the sort of stuff that keeps hogging my memory- up to 256M now and I'm still running out RAM!)  
P.P.S. Correction: the rebate on PartitionMagic 6.0 is $15, not $30... but it is cool because there is no expiration date on the rebate coupon enclosed in the specially marked box; you just need to mail it in within 30 days of the purchase date— or know how to edit a scanned receipt to change the date!   :D   Heck, that little trick has almost paid for my new scanner... Here's another trick: if the rebate has already expired, wait for another promotion and buy the item a second time to obtain a fresh receipt that you can copy— and then return the item for a full refund (still shrinkwrapped with an intact proof-of-purchase). I've been saving the P-O-P's for practically everything I buy just in case they offer a rebate later...

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