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Re: Opera, PMMail and PGP

11/22/2000 2:39 PM
Re: Opera, PMMail and PGP
"So Opera works for most of the webpages out there... I'll have to give it a whirl!"
I can go here, to AX84, webervst angela ins. pretty much every related site out there... including the BlueGuitar page ;) .. it's when I hit thes bigwhig companies like microsoft etc that feel the need to impress us with unusually long downloads of java applets just to browse the page where I sometimes need to use IE.  
"One gripe about the NS mail features is that if there is a large email attachment I can't just get the rest of my mail first and read through it while the attachment is loading... and if you abort that one transfer you abort the whole mail retrieval. I guess I could get around that with the filters in PMMail- right?"
to be totally honest, I never thought about it... i've alwasy thought of the large downloads issue a problem with ALL the mail readers... and I think it's not so much a function of the reader, but the pop3 protocol only allowing one trasfer at a time... I dont know fi filters could filter for large files etc, i've never looked into that.. the filters mainly block spam etc... BUT if you have an IDEA you are getting a large file, you just open the PMMAIL remote control, browse the messages on the server, select the ones you want to DL, DL them, and while you are reading, then tell the remote to DL the longer messages...