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Question for Speed...

11/21/2000 8:06 PM
Steve A.
Question for Speed...
    My music computer used to sometimes "hang" on the Windows exit screen (W98SE) so I then fiddled around with some of the settings in Control Panel and CMOS setup... now I can't get the damned thing to shut off!   :(   When I select "Shut Down" from the Alt F4 menu it reboots instead.  
    Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated! I bought the upgrade version of W98SE which has to be run from a version of Windows so I'm not quite sure how I would go about doing a fresh new install on this computer... I also have WinME which will do a fresh install but I haven't heard how well it handles digital audio recording...  
Steve Ahola

ken gilbert steve,usually if you buy an... -- 11/21/2000 9:28 PM