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Speaker mixing - a cocktail of disaster??

11/10/2000 12:13 AM
Speaker mixing - a cocktail of disaster??
More Super Reverb questions in the speaker format. I'm replacing non-original 2X12" with 4X10's in the hope of scoring some fender items down the track, but as a fill in measure I want to fill it with newer speakers. My only real options at the moment are Eminence and Celestions (in Australia we are beggars, not choosers :-). The over-riding responses are "Celestions are warmer with a nice bass response, whilst the eminences are a little more crisp and trebly"  
Has anyone tried a mixing speakers?? Would I get a "best of both worlds" deal?? My gut feeling is no because you don't see too many other makers doing this (the Vero Paramount is the only I've read about). What do others think??

SteveF Doesn't sound like a bad idea to -- 11/10/2000 1:28 AM
Don Symes
Budda amps mixes speaker _sizes_. ... -- 11/10/2000 3:14 AM
SpeedRacer FWIWI think speaker mixing is g... -- 11/10/2000 12:48 PM