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Re: Voodoo Strat

11/1/2000 9:10 PM
Sam B
Re: Voodoo Strat
Yes, they play well if they are set up correctly. My buddy has one. It's OK but I will say that I prefer all of my personal "regular" Strats better. Yeah, it has the whole "reverse" thing going for it. But don't put too much stock in that. SRV, EJ and several others get about as close to the Hendrix sound as you can get playing righty with a righty. That whole signature crap perplexes me. All of these signature artists got their recognition and their tone playing decent off the rack guitars. Yes, in some cases vintage. That fancy signature decal does absolutely nothing to improve tone. Good wood, good pickups and a  
good amp. Now, go have some fun! :)