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Re: Fender "Teleplus"?

10/9/2000 11:53 PM
JustinRe: Fender "Teleplus"?
A "Telecaster Plus" is basically a souped-up American Standard Telecaster. They have a Blue Lace Sensor in the neck, and a Dual Red in the Bridge position. All of the ones I've seen anyway. Twenty two frets, Biflex truss rod, Transparent finishes, some came with Strat-style tremolos, but that's not a Tele anyway. I believe they were another attempt at the "Elite" series from the mid eighties. I don't believe they're made any more, and have been out of production for several years. I've always thought that Lace Sensors sounded a little artificial, but some people like em. So...That's all I can remember for now. Justin.