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Don't get me wrong

10/8/2000 1:42 PM
Sideways Jaye
Don't get me wrong
Carl & Steve -  
First of all, my idea of an ideal guitar tone is Ronnie Earl, Duke Robillard (who, by the way, often runs his vintage Epiphones through a ss Peavy PA head!), or Pete Anderson, to touch a few bases.  
I don't use effects just to use them or just to impress the audience. When I play something like Backstroke, or Sidetracked, it's just a hint of analog delay and the natural overdrive of my Deluxe Reverb, and people dig that kind of thing  
However, when we play "Smooth" it's kitchen sink time: compressor, chorus, tubescreamer, and more delay (stompboxes). I don't sound like Carlos or care to, but there's enough juice on the sound to get the job done nicely. I like that tone for that song, and the audience goes nuts, not because I'm using heavy effects, but because I'm playing soaring Latin breaks with a hot tone. I could care less if some guitar player happened to criticize me for using a processed sound (this has not happened, BTW).  
Call it the sound and fury signifying me and the audience getting down and having fun. And then we'll play "I Can't Make You Love Me" nice and quiet and clean.  
I just think there's all kinds of ways to skin the cat.